How can I help

How you can help?

Rapid International is staffed entirely by volunteers and we rely solely on public donations. All our activities, including training, international preparedness programs and disaster response work are all self-funded and our volunteers pay for the majority of their own equipment, clothing and expenses. To enable us to continue operating around the clock, all year round, your donations are vital, they save lives at all levels.

All the funding for our projects and disaster response comes from public donations, fundraising and some corporate sponsorship.

Your support is sought and most welcome in the following ways:

  1. A donation through the website donate button
  2. Corporate sponsorship
  3. Equipment donations
  4. Bequeath a donation

If you would rather donate or support in some other way please e-mail:


Your donations enables RAPID-International to deliver projects to vulnerable people in disaster prone areas and to support our sister group RAPID-UK in maintaining it’s Disaster Response capability and maintain operational readiness. As we are all volunteers and do not own or rent expensive offices your donations are used directly to the meet the aims of the organisation.

Charity Trust Number: 1151233